Rios Zertuche, González Lutteroth y Rodríguez ®

Our experience has confirmed the importance and efficiency of providing a wide selection of corporate legal services within one firm, with a focus on offering solid business solutions in each specific case.

RGR is the result of the merger in 2001 of Rios Zertuche, Rodríguez y Asociados, S.C. and González Lutteroth, S.C.,

which extended our combined experience and professionalism to Mexico City, Monterrey and San Luis Potosí, three of Mexico´s leading cities, and reaffirmed our unwavering commitment to providing reliable, top quality legal services in a cost efficient manner. + about RGR

Legal services

RGR has participated in several corporate restructurings, using legal mechanisms available under Mexican laws to do so.

RGR has been involved in providing advice to our clients on some of their most important transactions in this regard.

RGR has played an active part in various real estate transactions and projects in the tourism sector and in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors.