Legal corporate services

Throughout the years we have practiced law, our general approach has been to address our clients’ business needs and to develop our specializations in areas applicable to their businesses, at all times avoiding conflicts of interest and observing the strictest standards of professional ethics in the conduct of our professional practice.

Our experience has confirmed the importance and efficiency of providing a wide selection of corporate legal services within one firm, with a focus on offering solid business solutions in each specific case.

RGR has participated in a significant number of financial transactions, including securities offerings, both public and private, in the Mexican Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, as well as in the European financial markets.

RGR has successfully represented companies in these investment projects and in the day-to-day operation of this important sector of Mexico´s economy.

RGR has extensive experience in notifying the competent authorities of transactions that must be reported by law, providing the elements the authorities need to understand the relevant transaction and the competitive advantages involved.

RGR has built strong alliances with experts in the field of specific tax regulation to avoid possible risk.

RGR has participated in major tourist developments in Mexico, creating flexible legal strategies through which both Mexican and foreign investors have been able to operate wisely and safely.

RGR has been able to implement business solutions that would not have been as efficient, or would have been either impossible or much less effective without them.

The members of RGR have taken part in some of the largest operations implemented in the telecommunications industry, clearly making RGR as one of Mexico´s most experienced firms

RGR has acquired considerable experience in making important business decisions in the highly complex mining industry.

RGR has been involved in several government and private bids and contracts.

RGR has been involved in providing advice to our clients on some of their most important transactions in this regard.

RGR has participated in several corporate restructurings, using legal mechanisms available under Mexican laws to do so.

RGR has played an active part in various real estate transactions and projects in the tourism sector and in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors.

RGR is one of the most widely respected firms in the entertainment industry, having advised some of the leading companies in the field.

Our firm has ample experience in the area of compliance with Mexico´s environmental laws.

RGR has the experience and know-how to obtain authorizations for specific investments from the National Foreign Investments Commission.

RGR has created and coordinated litigation strategies that have strengthened the negotiating position of our clients.

RGR has developed financial and corporate structures to create tailor made solutions for each aircraft operator, providing efficiency and optimization of its fiscal structure.