In recent years, the aviation industry, mainly civil and commercial, has experienced significant growth in Mexico due to growing demand for domestic and international public passenger transportation and the creation of new commercial airlines headquartered in Mexico, as well as the demand for efficiency in this business sector, which has caused some companies to incorporate their own air taxis.

RGR has developed financial and corporate structures to create tailor made solutions for each aircraft operator, providing efficiency and optimization of its fiscal structure. Also, together with international financial organizations, RGRhas created financial structures that help guarantee creditors return on funds loaned for these purposes and easy repossession of the assets if there is a default. Such structures include purchase and sale, true and financial leasing, and credit secured by aircraft, through either a mortgage or a trust, among other structures. As a result of the signing of international agreements on aviation, that recently became effective in Mexico, there are certain rights and obligations granted to and imposed on aircraft users, owners, lessees and/or lessors, as well as creditors and obligors of loans guaranteed with such assets. RGR is one of the few law firms specialized in professional counsel to ensure that the players in the aircraft industry perform the obligations applicable to them and to offer security to aircraft creditors through mechanisms established under international regulations such as the rules established by the International Registry in Dublin, Ireland.